In the spring of 2006, this farm started with cultivation of wa stelands with a sawtooth trees and bamboo groves.
Trees and bamboo did not decrease even if I cut them every single day . The field was finally made the following year, then I planted 200 young and small olive trees. This is the beginning of this Takao Nouen olive Hatake. At that day, I was carrying water and watered, because there was no water supply. Today, my farmland areas increased and it became a wonderful farm. I imported new young olive plants, finally I can harvest in this farm.
The supporter who help my farm work goes increasing year after year, socializing each other with olive, my farm become the place where people gather and smile.
By working consistently from olive cultivation to oil extractio n, I will continue to strive for world-class olive oil and agriculture.
Farmer , Toyohiro Takao


In the spring of 2006, I first thought of starting an olive farm.

As luck would have it, I found some farmland to rent and, and along with a scythe and a saw, started the long road to getting the land in shape.

Day by day, I hacked at the bamboo and underbrush covering the land, and by March of 2007, something that looked like a farm started to take shape. That April, I planted 200 baby olive saplings, and my olive farm began in earnest.


October 2007 brought my first harvest… just a few yellow-green olives. It was the moment I thought to myself, “I’m so glad I followed this dream.” In the spring of the next year, I ended up renting fields from other nearby landowners, and I planted more trees. Suddenly, I was a farmer with 700 olive trees to take care of. Things happened quickly from there, and in June 2008, we incorporated as Takao Olive Farms KK, became an agricultural corporation in August, and finally was certified in September as a farm producer.

Now, I am growing 2500 olive trees. My feelings and thoughts about olives and being a farmer grow day by day.

To be honest, every olive tree is an individual, with its own unique characteristics. I’m always talking to them, checking in as I raise them. “Good morning! How are you doing today? Feeling ok?”

But it’s not just about the farming side; I also always think of the consumers, who will eventually enjoy these olives. I take safety to heart, for consumers, the farm, and of course, the trees. Which is why I do not use pesticides, etc. in my farming. This is my strong belief.


Olives have a charm and depth that makes people take notice of them. Growing olives is a fun, emotional, and thought-provoking experience. There is a certain beauty in the voices of the birds and insects out in the groves; the subtle changes in the colors of the trees and their leaves; there is so much to take in both visually and sensually.

Though our production levels are still relatively low, it is fascinating how doing the same process year by year can yield such different results.

But that is exactly why I love what I do.
I am happy to know that even one more person might try and enjoy the olives produced here at Takao Olive Farm.

I am happy if my olives bring a smile to someone.


For nature, for those who support us, and to all our faithful customers

Thank you

Soil, water, sun, and of course- Olives!

Toyohiro Takao, Owner
Takao Olive Farm, December 2010